lahat nalang ata ng entries ko tungkol diyan ah. pati yung sa dj.

let's move on to other things.


hehe ganon eh, wala na raw. yon lang. that's my life right now.

de joke. i had lunch with tor and bro last tuesday. it was pretty fun. bro and abby are together finally. so he made me eat my words kasi niloloko ko siyang busted last summer sa java. tor is still going about her own business falling for gay men. patrick couldn't come because he's been designated as the driver of their household for now until god knows when. he's been having visa problems. he was supposed to go to the states and finish studying there but yun nga, he's been having problems. so we'll be seeing him back in ateneo next sem. grabe, super duper senior na siya.

hayyayay. my dad is having network problems. he can't get into my pc, and therefore, cannot print his document through the network. he's spent almost two hours trying to solve this problem. i was thinking, why not just come over to my room and connect directly to the printer? hay.

ok, taking a shower now.

wait lang. last. this is from my preschool teacher at ELC.

"It seems like only yesterday when your mommy first brought you to me. You were quiet, and shy, and refused to even look at me. You sat with your head bowed for the longest time. And now....look at you my Nikki Nikki, my Miss Chatterbox, the one who can never keep quiet, and who always has a comment to make for every event and every occasion.

You're such a bright and intelligent girl, as well as an incredibly sensitive oberver. You're curious, alert, and notice many things the other children do not.

It took me a while to get to know you, Nikki as you were quite reticent and very independent. But, once you warmed up to me, we became friends for good. Right?

I shall really miss you, Nikki. I hope that no matter what school you end up in, you'll be happy there, and will challenge your teacher constantly with your quick wit and ready intelligence. And you can tell your new teacher that if she's not good to you Teacher Patty will come and tickle her. Okay?

Good-bye, Nikki, Nikki. I shall think of you often with much fondness and great affection, knowing that wherever you are, you will be doing a good job, and working well, and always making somebody laugh."

Hm. I just might use this as my write up when I graduate.

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