The Prince and Me

nikki: haha you know what i don't get?
javi: hehe
nikki: these movies about royalty just wanting to be a normal person
nikki: then they fall in love with a normal person
nikki: who doesn't know they're royalty
nikki: then they find out
nikki: then they get mad!
nikki: and say, You lied to me!
nikki: hello!
nikki: hindi ba sila dapat matuwa!
javi: sulat ka ng blog.
nikki: ayoko.
nikki: i sound so artificial.
javi: eh ako
nikki: you don't
nikki: when i read what i write, especially a blog, feeling ko ang ksp ko.
nikki: tsaka parang comes off as too conscious.
javi: andami mong arte.
javi: hehe.
javi: cliche lang naman lahat yang mga movie na yan kasi eh
nikki: "stay away from me" because you found out he's a prince and lied about it?! haven't you been watching teen movies?!
javi: astig ka.
javi: sulat mo yan.
javi: one of your more original ideas in a long time.
javi: no bull.
nikki: hah.
nikki: "yes, my girlfriend actually has a brain."
javi: o sulat mo na plis.

Ergo, this.

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