Theo Readings

Where do i upload this .gif file that i have so i can use it as my background? There's supposed to be a background to this. I just don't have the time to figure it out yet.

For one particular reader, these are our readings for Theo so far:

-The Eloquent Sounds of Silence (1 pg)
-The Sacrament of Creation
-The Christian Doctrine of Creation
-The Christian Doctrine of Original Sin
-Excerpts from "Creation and Salvation" (1 pg)
-Ecological Sin (1 pg)
-Daya at Laya (1 pg)
-What is New In Original Sin (2 pp)
-Social Sin and Fundamental Option
-Social Sin: The Rocovery of a Christian Tradition
-On Social Sin: Some Definitions (1 pg, summary of "Social Sin....Tradition" reading)

Start searching. :D

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