another amusing conversation with my father --->

my brother, emil gives my dad a picture of a maleta he printed out using the printer in this house.
dad: oy! look at this printer of uncle fred's! may lines! it's a dud!!
emil: no it's not, daddy. and what do you care? it's not your printer. we got it for uncle fred.
dad: yah! exactly! we bought the printer. would you want to get a printer that's a dud??
dad: and look at this print out! if you saw this maleta, would you want to buy it?
me: baka ganyan talaga yung maleta. striped.
emil: onga.
dad: striped? hindi, hindi yan striped! sa monitor ko hindi ganyan eh!
emil: baka monitor mo yung dud.
dad: hah! you mean yung utak mo yung dud! it's the biggest dud ever!
me: duddy...wag naman ganyan...

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