Baby baby

Hay. What do you do when you're at church? Do you actually listen to the sermon? Because when i'm there, I don't. A while ago, sobrang nakakatuwa kasi there was this little girl in front of me, around 4 years old, with her mom who's pretty young (mga late 20s), has a really, really nice tan (i want.), nice outfit (white sleeveless shirt and aqua capris), and looks like pia guanio, except with a more athletic body. Her daughter was reeaally white though. Fair pala. White... Anyway, so i kept making these faces at her, tapos tago sha nang tago, only to look at me again and wait for me to make another face at her. After a while natakot ako kasi baka isipin ng mom niya na ginugulo ko anak niya so I put my finger to my mouth in a 'ssshh' gesture, and i pointed to the altar. Pero tingin pa rin sha nang tingin. Then I started sticking my tongue out at her. Tapos she smiled, shook her head, and put her finger to her lips and pointed to the altar. Eeeee! Kakagigil. Hay. Naiinis ako. Parang hindi ko marecapture yung buong thing exactly the way it happend, with the essence of it all. Wish I could write like Mika. Reading her posts makes me want to teach kids na rin.

Oh, and I found out her name na rin, the kid ha. Isabella Laranzada (?) Not too sure about the last name. I saw it on her name tag on her Dora the Explorer bag.

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  1. she sounds like such an adorable kid! dora the explorer bag! aw. damn.

    and that's totally all i do at mass too! look for kids and point them out to my mom. but i don't like noncute kids, i only "talk to" cute ones, hehe.