Day One

Today was a very very good day indeed!

It was my first day at my consumer behavor class, and I love love love love the professor! Her name is nance rosen and she looks like a bit of susan sarandon with a mix of that catty principal from 10 things i hate about you. she's sooo funny. it's like she's doing stand up comedy. it was 3 hours of laughter from us. it's like being in fr. dacanay's or ambeth ocampo's class. very entertaining. and she is so accomplished. she's was a marketing executive at coca cola for a long time. they call pepsi the blue company daw. they don't mention the word pepsi. she had all these stories about her mother (who lives and bel air and used to be/is a fashion designer), her daughter, where she lives (just moved from venice,ca to beverly hills), what she just bought, etc, which makes me conclude that she earns very well. she used to work for bozell and j. walter thompson. and now she has her own firm. her website needs a little work though haha just saw it now.

there are too many things to tell about her and my class, so i'll just leave it at that. another thing though that's interesting is that there are only 20 of us students in her class and there are only around 2 caucasians. the rest are from Paris (the guy works for Louis Vuitton), Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria, Russia, China, and Brazil (he says substance as subestans, with a long 'u'). i had a bit of a hard time figuring out what they were saying through their heavy accents. but it's definitely interesting.

NEXT thing that happened was that i got a job! yay! okay, it's not my dream job or anything like that, but it's a job. through the agency. $10/hr. temp job. but if they like me, they'll hire me for a permanent position. i'll be in the purchasing department, helping out the buyer. i'm not really sure what that entails, but i'm keeping my expectations low, since i know agencies usually place people in administrative/clerical jobs. hopefully it will be okay. and anyway, as long as i'm not idle at home, and i'm doing something productive with my time, for now, i'm happy. :)

this is with princess cruises, and i'll be in the purchasing the department...what could we be purchasing, boats? i dunno. but we shall see. i start tomorrow.

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