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kakainis talaga, i got scammed. i know i already posted about this, so i'm just saying it again. it's a government grant scam and i gave the routing # of my bank and my account number. i thought people only used these to deposit. i didn't know they could take money out of your bank just by knowing these 2 numbers. (javi, i can hear you saying you're not surprised and how could i have been so stupid.) the safest thing to do is to close my existing account and open a new one, which would be no big deal had this happened 2 weeks ago BUT I JUST GOT MY BEAUTIFUL CARE BEAR CHECKS IN THE MAIL!!! aaaaghghhhh... pano naa...


i got a haircut today which cost me a lot of money, but i don't feel like i got a haircut. parang pareho lang. she asked me if i wanted to just clean up what i already had (the length). so i said yes because when i tell mike (the guy who cuts my hair in the phils) to just trim, the change is noticeable. she said she'd take away an inch, but i don't see it. anyway, she gave me bangs that are kinda bothering me right now. kinda bluntly cut bangs compared to the ones mike gave me which were just "oh gusto mo ng bangs? sige snip snip snip. yan." bangs. ito, parang mas deliberate. i look like a child. but don't we all after a haircut. oh well, let's see what it looks like in a week.

hm what else. wala na ata. just wanted to share my dinner with you. goodnight.

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  1. Whatj5:56 AM

    Saan ka nagpapagupit dito sa Manila? I want to cut my hair na (it's up to my boobs now) but I can't find a good stylist...gusto ko mga taga HK or Japan! May alam ka?

    What's the white thing on the bottom right of your dinner plate? Cream cheese?!

    Email me!