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i left the house at 2pm for my 3pm class downtown. i figured there wouldn't be much traffic since it was the middle of the day, but after a mile on the 5 freeway, all the cars slowed down to about 5mph. after about 7 minutes of crawling at that pace, i started to see a couple of cars and a cop's car on the shoulder of the road and thought to myself, another accident no wonder traffic built up. i thought it was a car accident but as i got nearer, i saw some channel 4 camera men, and as i got even closer, i saw that IT WAS A FREAKING PLANE! Not a 747 naman ah. Just those small ones. Yung parang nasa Lost in the episode where Boon dies. BUT STILL! It was a plane on the freeway!

Anyhoo, that was the "highlight" of my day.

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