Letter from mom and dad

Hi Niks,

To all humans there is only 24 hours to a day. Mom and I are confident that your God-given ingenuity and resources will gradually have you reduce your routine from the current 60 hour-day down to about 12 hour-day giving you time for adequate sleep and rest so that you can be more productive and good as what you do.

Just run a mental clock on all tasks you do. Your imagination can then analyze how to realize the efficiency jump. In the real world designers work on ulcer-producing deadlines, one project after another, to no end. You have to develop the efficiency system.

Dad & Mom


  1. nyahahahaha! nice!

  2. obviously this is not mom and dad. si dad lang yan.
    hi pao :)

  3. Whatj9:18 AM

    Maswerte ka sa mga magulang mo iha. ?