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Chat Transcript 11/15/2005 11:44 AM
Hi, my name is Tricia (19945). How may I help you?
Nikki: is there a setting in the router that only allows one computer to connect to the internet at a time?
Tricia (19945): Yes, that is if you will enable Access Restrictions.
Unknown: i'm not sure what my username and password is for my router anymore since i haven't used it in a while. i can just press the reset button at the back for a long time like 30 secs to reset that right? and then my username will be blank and my password will be "admin" right?
Tricia (19945): Tricia (19945): Im sorry, that's correct.
Nikki: And the address for the router settings is correct?
Nikki: do i have to include http:// ?
Tricia (19945): That's correct.
Nikki: Okay. I'll try that. Because right now, whenever one laptop can get an internet connection, the other one cannot.
Nikki: And then when the other one can, the other one loses it. Does this sound like an Access Restriction related situation?
Tricia (19945): You have to include that.
Tricia (19945): It can be a connection problem. Just make sure that the modem is on the Internet port of the router or it can be that the router is not acting as a DHCP, just a passthrough.
Nikki: So what if it's not acting as a DHCP? How do i fix that?
Tricia (19945): That can be fix by doing a hard reset.
Tricia (19945): That means that you need to press the reset of the router for 30 seconds and reconfigure it.
Nikki: Alright. Thanks a lot.
Nikki: This chat thing is really cool.
Nikki: I hope it works.
Nikki: Pray for me.
Tricia (19945): Your welcome.
Tricia (19945): I will. Be sure to visit our Knowledge Base located at The site contains troubleshooting tips, how-to instructions, as well as solutions to common issues relating to all Linksys products.
Tricia (19945): Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you through Live Chat Support. For your records, a transcript of this chat session will be e-mailed to you. Feel free to contact us if you require further assistance. Thank you for choosing Linksys again, this is Tricia with Tech ID 19945, thank you for chatting with us and have a great day!
Nikki: Haha okay thanks!

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