sometimes you wonder why your life is a mess. and you get paranoid that maybe it's because you don't pray as often as you should. or you don't thank Him for the good things. just ask help for the bad.

the hardest thing about being here is that when the going gets tough, there's no one really to turn to. you just have babies. and squirrels. no one to really open up to and let everything out. there's no choice but to keep things bottled up. and i don't know about you, but that's hell for me.

and you wonder whether you'll ever get there. seems like everything is a big mess.

and you're really patient, you always strive for that. but right now you feel like you're reaching the end of that.

how many chances does it take before you feel like you're just going in circles and things don't make sense anymore? before you feel like promises aren't real anymore. they're just words.

and sometimes you wonder why people do the things they do or why people agree to the things they do knowing what they know.

and you wish you could just fast forward your life.

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