Sky Internet VoIP

I've been looking into Sky Internet's VoIP service because I want to be able to call whomever I want to in the Philippines at a fixed rate every month (500 pesos lang ata). I got Vonage for my mom last year and she uses it in the Philippines. It has a US number so she can call me and I can call her unlimited for only $25/month.

Now I was thinking isn't there a greater need for something like a Vonage for Filipinos who are abroad? Because usually it's the people who are abroad who are alone and have family and friends back home. Everyone else back home is busy with their own lives and have other friends, family people, etc. Us abroad people are the ones experiencing new things (assuming kakarating lang namin dito) and would therefore want to be able to share these things with people back home. So it would be more useful for us to have a service that will give us a Philippine phone number so we can call internationally locally whenever we felt like it.

So what I want to know is whether the service is good and more importantly whether they are discouraging people from bringing it abroad.

I looked at Sky Internet's VoIP page and read the FAQ and the part that said that they don't guarantee functionality if the unit is brought outside metro manila, or to another region of the world. Does anyone know anything about this? I don't want to get it and then find out that there's a catch or some fine print I didn't read.

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