brother sister convo

emil: Tenk ewe!
emil: yeah I saw it
emil: Sa iyo ba talaga yan?
emil: It's not you in the picture!
emil: You sit on a throne of lies!!!
nikki: i saw it on our doorstep!
emil: Ayan nanaman!
nikki: hahahahaha
emil: Like the imaginary dog?
emil: Do you have a beauiful mind too?
emil: Imagining shit?
nikki: totoo no...
nikki: bahala ka
nikki: when you come here, di ko papalaro sayo
emil: Just because you bought a leash doesn't make it real.
nikki: i didn't buy a leash!
nikki: saka that's me and my hamster eating dinner.
nikki: it's lonely up here.
emil: wooshooo!!!
nikki: it's just me and hammie...
emil: Lonely??? So many people buggin you? Lonely???
emil: You didn't name him Shammer?
emil: I;m fucking shocked!
nikki: no...
nikki: i didn't want to disturb shammer's soul
emil: Shammer deserved to die after being given a name like that.
emil: Now he is a dishonored soul. Unable to find peace.
emil: Doomed to travel the Realm of Bad Names for all eternity!
nikki: did you find his spirit on your doorstep too??
emil: Yeah. It was begging me to change his name
nikki: and did you?
emil: Hell no!
emil: I banished him using my oriental magic!
nikki: he'll be backkk
emil: I'll be waiting with my scrolls of banishment
nikki: he'll bite you, sige ka
emil: Whatever!
emil: he can't even fucking stand up!
emil: He's a fat fuck!
nikki: that's it.
nikki: I AM SHAMMER!!!!
nikki: emil! halp!!
nikki: shut up bitch! SHAMMER IS MY NAME!!
nikki: I AM WHO I AM!!!!
nikki: emiiiillll!!!!! gurgle gurgle....
emil: Tangina corny!!!
emil: Go back from whence you came foul beast!!!
emil: sige alis na ako.

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