Pet Depot

I stopped by Pet Depot a while ago after months of planning to go there. I imagined a candy shop full of cute little animals (dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs) begging to be touched, oohed, aahhed, squealed over, and bought. What did i find? Just rows and rows of pet accessories, pet food, etc... At the back were a couple of fish tanks, practically empty, with a handful of small normal looking fish. The type you see in ponds. Some white mice. The type you see in your kitchen (at least in cartoons). 1 guinea pig, black and white. Looked like a skunk. And it was long. Yaya asked the man, "You have dog?" The pet depot man said, "Do we have dogs? We have one up front." Great. One. So we trudged back to the front of the store where we found a hmmm not really cute but pwede na, really tame and nice doggy. It wasn't so hot, but it was the best that store had to offer. Pics to follow.

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