Masking Tape

I just bought this set of colored masking tape on etsy from lovepetitzakkajapan. So much better than silly printed packaging tape -- what are you going to use those for? Masking tape has so many more uses because of its removability. And because it blends in so much better with things. You can use them to spice up a paper bag-wrapped gift, or to seal notes and envelopes with, or to label things with, or to flags notebook pages with...

Update: I got them in the mail last week :) I forgot what 7mm looks like. They're way smaller than I expected them to be.


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Uy gusto ko rin nito!!!


  2. Galing ah..I also saw the same colored masking tapes at a store in Osaka. I was supposed to get some for you because I thought it was so Nicole. Pero di ko na binili because I wasn't sure if you'd like it. Apparently, I was wrong! Hehe

  3. Clarisse: Awww sayang! Thanks for the thought though :) Thanks for the momentarily possible theoretical gift :)

  4. Jam, I think I regret getting the 7mm ones. Not very useful. I should have gotten the bigger ones. So good for you. Let me know when you get yours.