Planting workshop

Today was the best day. The weather was perfect, but that's not why. We transplanted seedlings and planted seeds at work in commemoration of Earth Day. It was such a Mister Roger's Neighborhood moment, and I loved it. I transplanted basil and chives, and planted seeds of a certain edible flower whose name I can't remember.

Happy Earth Day!

Update 1:
Yes Jessica, they're edible. You saw this package before I planted it! Here it is.

Update 2:
It died. I left it in our office atrium and forgot to water it.

RIP Basil.jpg


  1. your flowers were edible?! damn, how come i didn't see those?

    i'm excited for my seedlings to sprout. remember rule #3: take photos now so you can brag to your friends later about how much they've grown.

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  3. it looks gorgeous! I should show more affection to my succulents. they are very strong, independent green beings for me to pay attention everyday!