Logo design and stationery by Blanca Gomez

From one of my new favorite artists, Blanca Gomez. Made me go aww :)

You can see and buy more of her work at this great online store I recently discovered called The Shiny Squirrel.


  1. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Hoist. I'm at work but don't know your email address by memory so I'm posting a comment here instead. I want to waste my money on this http://www.thefryecompany.com/Product-Women-Shoes-Flats_Ballerinas_Moccasins-72615WHT.aspx

    Ang weird nga ng Tagalog McCafe.

    By the way, it's me, Jam.

  2. Jam.

    How indian of you :) Marami akong binibili from that brand. Pero boots. Not flats. I like them, kasi they're more structured and masculine.

    Walang hiya, ang dami kong email sayo ah, di ka makaaccess ng yahoo mo?

    And btw, maling post yung nireplyan mo. Pero nonetheless, pleasant surprise. I love comments.