The Balance between Aesthetics and Comfort


Ever since I started at my new job, where I've been exposed to more comfortable, maybe-not-as-modern-looking furniture, but DEFINITELY comfortable, and after being a victim of modern buyer's remorse, I think I now have a pretty good sense of balance between aesthetics and comfort.

I never would have chosen this sofa (by DePadova) several years ago when I was still new to this world of design, but it actually appeals to me now. It looks like it would be very comfortable, something I could sink and sleep in, yet still very clean-lined, not messy.

PS: I have not yet bought a sofa for my place, which explains why I can't seem to feel relaxed. I have one lounge chair I bought from a seller on craigslist. A vintage armchair which I love, but I would really like a sofa I can stretch out on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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