Neighborhood Shoe Repair Shop

I had been semi-looking for a shoe repair shop near my place to fix my broken insole. I happened to always pass this one on Ocean Park Blvd. on the way to and from work. I looked them up online and the shop is called Maya Shoe Repair. Decent website, very minimal, which I like. So I decided to check them out one day.

I entered the store and they had one of those old counter bells that I had to *ting* to let them know someone was up front. This small, mild mannered old man appeared, whose name is Alfredo Medina (thanks to Yelp). I told him I needed my insoles replaced and he said "Fourteen dollars." with a smile. He was already processing my order when I asked if he was going to add padding under the insole. He said he can if that's what I want. It would more but he said he just won't charge me. He asked me what size I was, and when I said "Six.", he commented on how small my feet were. "How cute!" he said. I know this might sound creepy to some of you, but he was like a nice little grandpa!

All in all, it was a very charming and pleasant experience.

He said it would be ready the next day, but since I was going to the Blog Out Loud event, I asked if I could pick it up the day after. He said any was fine. BUT! On my way home from the event (it was around 9:26pm), I saw that their doors were still open! Even though their website says that they're open only 'til 9pm every day, which is late enough already. I parked and asked if they were still open and they said yes, and they were all so cheerful. It was great.

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