Zappos, I think I love you.

Grabe, can I just say how great Zappos is. They may not have the greatest looking website or packaging, but their service is... I didn't even know this kind of service was possible.

I ordered a pair of shoes and I think it arrived in 4 days or so. But that's not why I love them. They were too small so I wanted to return it. As I was going through the process, it looked like they would only credit me once they received the shoes. So I emailed them saying that I actually wanted to exchange it for a larger size and didn't want to have to wait until they received the return. I got an email less than a day later, saying that they could send me the right size right away because I was a loyal customer. They also said it would go out next day air on Monday so I could get it on Tuesday! How great is that!

I emailed back asking something else, and someone responded again just an hour or 2 later! And on a weekend! AND THEN! And then, I got another email from them saying they now consider me a VIP customer and invite me to login to their VIP website to get free overnight shipping forever!!!

AND THEN! AND THEN!!! I just got a shipping confirmation email with the tracking info for the replacement shoes! So it went out tonight! A day earlier than they promised!

It just keeps getting better and better. What's next?

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