Ceramic Tableware: Simple Details


A couple weeks ago, I decided to drop in on the DWR Tools for Living store here in Santa Monica. I was going to only get this book called How To See by George Nelson only because it was selling for $5, regular price. I have no idea why, but it wasn't as good as I thought. But I couldn't leave the store just yet because I saw these really beautiful ceramic pieces. I didn't buy a whole set, but instead got parts of different sets. I've always wanted to own a flat plate because I don't like my food running into each other, especially if they're saucy. I got three pieces -- two salad plates and a bowl. I really liked the simple details, and I hope I was able to capture it in the photos.

Note #1: For the Eva Zeisel matte white plate, the set consisted of a larger dinner plate and a soup bowl, aside from the salad plate. Each piece had a dimple that continued on through the piece so that each dimple died into the dimple of the piece below it when stacked. I thought that was kind of interesting.

Note #2: Matte white ceramic is not very practical because as you can see in the photo, my fork and knife already left metal marks on it.

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