Decisions: Bicycle!

I am trying to decide between the Trek "Allant" and the Trek "Navigator 3.0". What do you think??


Trek "Allant"
Size: 15"
Likes: Larger diameter wheels
Price: $540 includes tax


Trek "Navigator 3.0"
Size: 14.5"
Likes: White and Brown combo, sleek rims (the gear cover?)
Dislikes: Chunkier-looking wheels
Price: $570 includes tax

UPDATE: I got my bike! The Allant. Ended up getting it because it's a little bit cheaper and the guys at the store said it will take me farther because of the larger wheels. I got it at Helen's Cycles -- Jim there is super helpful and got me a good price on everything. Honestly though, the Navigator was very comfortable because of the front and rear shocks, and probably felt more like what I would ride because it's white. I've never owned a non-white vehicle before, nor has anyone in my immediate family. But the Allant is like a new haircut. I think I just have to get used to it. I'm just not used to looking so fancy.

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