Review: Kind bars

I recently rediscovered these healthy fruit bars called Kind. I'm talking more specifically about the Cranberry and Almonds version, which is labelled as Kind Plus. Other fruity health bars are made of what feels like mushed up pieces of nuts and fruit. You can't really tell any more what is what because they're all ground to look like the same thing, just different colors. I thought this was how it really was, until I came across Kind's Cranberry and Almond bar. There are literally whole pieces of fruit and nut -- WHOLE cranberries, WHOLE ALMONDS, and better yet, WHOLE macadamia nuts. It felt like I was eating something real, but in a quick, portable format.

For some reason, I've only seen this version on sale at Starbucks. Supermarkets only carry the other versions which I don't like so much. It's also not cheap at $1.95 each, but I would recommend at least trying it.

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