Evolution, Droplr, and Why White People Are White

This is interesting... I was just listening to this song on NPR this morning (not one I particularly liked), but it was about how Africa was the origin of everything, all people, etc. And then I got to thinking about evolution and blacks, browns, and whites, and why whites are white if we all came from brown. And then I was trying to install Droplr this morning, and decided to see who is behind the amazing app. Anyway, looks like the UI designer/whatever is TinyCrumb, apart from Culture Zoo, and he has a "Sort of a Tumbl" on his website, one post of which is Why Are Europeans White?. What a coincidence. I just Instapapered it. I really love Droplr. I also really like TinyCrumb's style and philosophy. Edit: Apparently, it has something to do with Solar UV and Oceans. And cereal too.

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