Pictory: Sorry, Mom!

We’re only a family of three, and yet we all live in different countries. I moved to the States when I was sixteen, my father, a pilot, lives in Saudi Arabia half of the time, and my mother holds down the fort in our home in the Phillippines. But on this warm, breezy day we found ourselves floating down a river and enjoying a rare moment of togetherness. As we sat there, drifting in laughter, I gazed at my mother — looking cute in her straw hat, blue outfit, and painted toenails — and I felt sorry. Sorry that I didn’t call her enough, sorry that I burdened her with my moodiness, sorry that I couldn’t make her this happy more often. Mom is moving to the US soon, and I plan to make it up to her.

Here's a website to commemorate Mother's Day. And whaddayaknow, a submission from my own Manila. Click through to the website. As usual, amazing photos.

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