Spring Onion Pancakes

UPDATE!   My Auntie Angie's response to my question on whether they sell these locally:

"There is in the Chinese supermarket but BAD, compared to the ones from Taiwan.  Even in Taiwan there are so many kinds, its Key's officemate who comes from the south (Tainan) - he said he can get us the BEST onion pancake there is, same one who got the powder for you.  He is now my best friend!! Anyway, everyone even in the office is asking me.  Would you believe I brought 60 pcs and all are gone except for the last 4 which I am protecting with  my life!"

Spring Onion Pancake

I've been addicted to a couple Taiwanese food items lately. First is some Five Spices seasoning from the street food vendors over there. Second is a new discovery for me -- Spring onion pancakes! They're bought frozen, in pancake shapes; all you have to do it fry them (no oil!) in a pan until they brown. Put them all together and you have a very carb-bloated, sodiumized Nikki. A big thank you to my Auntie Angie and cousin Chiao for introducing it to me. I had about two today.

If you can't get to Taiwan, here, here, and here, are some recipes I found online. Haven't tried any of them yet though, so if you end up trying any of them, I'd love to hear from you!

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