Will Our Memories Disappear When Technology Changes?


I know I post a lot about technology, but don't get me wrong, I don't think online to-do lists can replace notebooks, nor can audio/e-books replicate the experience of turning the pages of a real book. It also makes me sad that my younger cousins won't have photo albums of their younger selves to pore through when they're older since the coming of digital cameras has resulted in photos no longer being printed. If I could see every family's albums all at once, I bet I'd see that they all stopped somewhere around the year 2000.

Here's a snippet of a really interesting article on the value of keeping things analog.
Because we are sharing so much of out lives digitally all of the time, we may not realize that we really aren't "capturing" any of it for the future. We have all of our photos on our computers and share our thoughts on our blogs and Facebook, but unless you are one of the few people who actually print these out, they will all disappear when the technology changes. And it will. Maybe not in the next few years, but 50 years from now the technology will all be completely different. Even in the years since I've graduated from college, I can't access any of my college papers that I kept on floppy disks. Technology changes, and along with it go all of your memories. This is why it is important to record your memories the old-fashioned way--with pen on paper.

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