Recycling Center

So two weeks ago, I decided to get off my lazy ass and finally try to get some money from my empty cans and bottles. I had previously inquired with the Ralph's nearby and they directed me to a place I can go to to recycle my stuff. Because I needed exercise, I thought it would be a good excuse to take a nice walk. So off I went with my little rolling cart from staples with about nine fairly-sized plastic bottles and a couple other recyclables. I thought I was going to a vending machine-type recycling center like they have up in Valencia, but boy was I mistaken. This place was HUGE and smelled like anything. Needless to say, I was a little overwhelmed at first, but eventually figured out what I needed to do by asking around. And of course, I had to document it in photos for the rest of my villagemen (you) to see.
IMG_1125.JPGHere I am in line waiting for my bottles to be weighed.
IMG_1126.JPGA whopping $1.39!
IMG_1127.JPGMountains of trash.
IMG_1128.JPGYou take the receipt to the cashier to gives you the cash.
IMG_1129.JPGAn assembly line!
IMG_1130.JPG All the other happy campers getting their recyclables weighed.
IMG_1133.JPGThey take everything...
IMG_1134.JPGAnd I mean everything. Color paper, magazines, plastic bags...
IMG_1135.JPGA conveyor belt of some sort. (thank you, iOS 4.0 zoom)
IMG_1137.JPGElectronic waste too!
IMG_1138.JPGSaw this walking back. Should've known it was going to be big.

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