The Glif

This story has been filling me with inspiration in all sorts of ways this past week. 

The Glif is a little iPhone 4 accessory these two guys, Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost, developed a prototype of, and put on Kickstarter for crowd-sourced funding. Their goal was $10,000 to cover the high cost of injection molding. In just three days, they got $70,000. They are currently at $90,629 with 3575 backers to date, and they still have three weeks to go before funding ends on November 2, 2010. 

Here's the video:

Glif Montage from Glif on Vimeo.

And here's an article on The Economist about the online services they used to help them make small runs and prototypes of the Glif, and ways by which they spread the word. Useful information for future reference.
Click here to be a backer or to just learn more.

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