Tea Towel CV


I love the audacity of this undertaking, and the fact that it's a CV -- a tea towel created by Hannah Dollery, a graphic designer from New Zealand, who wanted to stand out in the CV crowd.
As part of a recent job I had to go through hoards of CVs to choose people to come in for an interview. I found many of them didn't catch my eye and, in a creative environment, this wasn't really ideal. I wanted to create something that people wanted to keep, surprised them when they viewed it, and made them interested to contact me. 

I had never silk screened anything, but I had done some letterpress printing. I had read a couple of articles on the process, but it was all pretty new to me. A friend of mine, Amy Pyle, who is a wonderful textile designer, helped me with the printing of the tea towels. We had a couple of problems with the fine lines which I had used to create some of the patterns, and we solved this by being patient while pushing the ink through. It was great to use silk screen and I will definitely be using it again. 

As it was a small production run, if I were to do it again, I would do about 50 more!

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