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I have tons of books I haven't thoroughly gone through yet. One of them is by Daniel Eatock entitled, Imprint. In case it matters to anyone he is also the person behind Indexhibit, the well-known portfolio site.
Above is something by Daniel that came out of what I like to refer to as, an experiment. Half art, half science. And I just love the simplicity and cohesiveness of the whole concept. Actually it's more than that -- it's randomness, chance, playfulness, uncertainty, anticipation, surprise, structure... all in one. That's what I love about it.

Pantone Pen Print
640 x 900mm, ink on paper
Edition 73 original prints
– One complete set of Letraset TRIA Pantone markers
– arranged in the colour spectrum
– left for one month
– resting on their nibs
– on a stack of 500 SRA1 sheets
– 70gsm uncoated white paper
The edition number was determined by the number of sheets the ink bled through from the possible 500.
The numbering of each sheet corresponds to the position it was within the stack and also determined its value.
The final sheet the ink reached, (furthest from the top) was numbered 1 / 73 and valued at £1, the one above numbered 2 / 73 and valued at £2 etc. The top sheet (the sheet the pens rested on) was numbered 73 / 73 and valued at £73

If you prefer to view it on his website, click through here. But if you're happy where you are, below are some pictures.
Tria Markers

Daniel Eatock

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