I really think I have a point when i say that because we do many things and react to things differently, it's harder for us to get along than it is for other couples who are more similar. More differences requires more patience and understanding. Less differences allows people to stay as they are. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Like let's take for example chuang and val. Chuang says himself na they're very alike, that's why there aren't really any problems.

And with the thing last night, I dunno, I didn't really see it as a fault of mine. As I said, it's not really a fault that something doesn't interest me. But I guess your point is consideration? Be more considerate. It's not like ..hindi ko alam. i tried to put it as nonchalantly as possible, together with a laugh, hoping not to make it a big deal.

so where does compatibility come in? if i were as "sensitive" as you, this "consideration" wouldn't be a problem for me. or if you were as "blah" as me, then you'd know na "blah" lang yon and you wouldn't be needing "consideration". yon lang point ko. ayaw mo ata ako pakinggan about this because you don't want to encourage it. but i don't think you're really listening to me and hearing me out. maybe that's why i keep bringing it up.

i dunno, maybe we're unable to look at this objectively because we're so in it and in ourselves.

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