Been having lots of dreams lately.

I dreamt that I was talking to my dad and we were doing personality test or something? And some result came out and i said so what does that mean? And he said something like better not nalang. And i said what? And he took a while searching for the right words to tell me, like he always manages to. And he started crying and said something cheezy like, "True love is supposed to make you smile." Ans he mentioned an instance wherein i was crying, i think it was in the states, i dunno it's all muddled up. And he said it's what bothers my mom.

And then i just sat there and he said something like so wag nalang, better na wag nalang. And I asked whther there's no way ba talaga to work around it. Then I think I woke up and then thought of writing it down right away lest I forget. And then I dreamt that I did type it out here. And then I woke up to find out that I haven't.

Which brings me to where I am now.

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