Ball Ball

I ended up wearing my pink skirt, the one that Leh and Mika like so much. But I didn't end up going to the ball. I was ready at 930, which was late enough as it is. But when I got out, I couldn't find the driver. Turns out my mom forgot to send the driver back from the mall and the driver that was in the house earlier on left for his day off. So there i was on our driveway, with my shawl, my pink top, my pink skirt, my pink phone, and my little pink bag. All dressed up with nowhere to go. So I went back in the house, having no other choice, and just decided to skip the ball. Two hours later, I decided to meet up with friends and grab a slice of that strawberry cake Roanne got the other day, thinking that it would go nicely with my outifit hehe.

So much for the ball.

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