i was just about to apologize for not blogging recently or offer an explanation for not doing so, but decided against it.

kkwento ko lang na i went with my dad to the supermarket today and we decided to check out using the self-check out thing at ralph's. and my dad is such a dork all the time. he says the stupidest things, but i find it so funny because he's serious. so i scanned our stuff with the scanner (duh) and fed my bill in the bill feeder (duh again) and the change came out. the bills came out first.

dad: "ay. luma yung bills nila."
me, playing with him: "may button dito to change old bills into new bills!"
dad: "talaga?" *eyes for the button on the touch screen*
me: "hinde no! joke lang!"
dad: "sayang. binigay ko pa naman yung crispy bill ko"

hahahaha :D sarap utuin!

ok, am going off to Office Depot to look at what new office supplies they've come up with. eeeeee. excited na ako. i love office supplies. it's inspiring. hehe.

if i get a job here, magnanakaw ako ng mga papermate pens, pencils, kraft envelopes, labels, and folders.

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