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I'm turning into my dad.

Agent: Hello, I'm a Sprint products and services online specialist. May I help you pick the plan that is best for you?
You: yes
Agent: Let's move this chat to the bottom of the window. It will be out of the way and I can stay with you in case you have any questions or any concerns. Just click on the "Yes" button below and we can continue. <a href="asfunction:goToPersistentChat,/assets/scripts/inq/inqChat.html?height=160&place=S&surveyID=55&sX=200&sY=100&clientID=154&cID=85554%26%26E3A363E30353532303" target="_blank"></a>
Agent: Thank you
Agent: Just to check, are you a current Sprint customer or setting up your service for the first time?
You: i would like to find out what the fee is for terminating service if i initially got something with a 2-year service contract. i am talking about the 598U sierra wireless.
You: no, i am not a sprint customer.
Agent: Sure i will assist you.
Agent: Early termination fee is charged maximum $200 and minimum $50
Agent: It is charged if you are breking the agreement before two years.
You: depending onhow far into the plan the termination occurs?
You: let's say 6 months into the plan, i break the 2 year contract.
You: what's the fine?
Agent: Yes, it is calculated =$10 * no. of years from the contract.
You: what do you mean number of years from the contract?
Agent: sorry number of month.
You: # of months into the contract?
You: or left in the contract?
Agent: Number of month from the contract.
Agent: May i know what you are actually looking for.
Agent: Are you there.
Agent: Before I leave, is there anything else I can help you with today?
You: i said i was interested in the sierra wireless
Agent: Sure i can provide you more information on that.
You: so if i used it for 6 months out of the 2 years, i would have to pay $60?
You: or $180?
Agent: It means that the remaining month is 18 than you have to pay $180
You: is there a free trial for the sierra wireless? i would like to find out first if i get good signal in my apartment with it.
You: like a trial pd?
Agent: Just a minute i have to check it out for you.
You: verizon is supposedly good in my area (santa monica) but i'm getting no bars from their data network.
You: i'm able to browse but i'm sure i'm not getting what i'm paying for because no bars are showing up.
You: sometimes there's 1.
Agent: Okay i will look up for it.
Agent: You will get a trial period offer if you order online on that.
You: really? where does it say?
You: i'm in the middle of ordering it now but i didn't come across anything that said that.
Agent: If you are not satisfied with the services or the product you can always return back.
You: ooh
You: is that within 30 days?
Agent: Ok just go on to complete the order today itself.
You: what do you mean today itself?
Agent: Yes it is a 30 days satisfaction gurantee.
You: okay.
You: alright.
You: that's all.
Agent: I mean if you order online today you may be eligible for lots of savings and discounts.
You: alot meaning what specifically?
You: i know about the 100% rebate with 2-year agreement
You: is there anything else?
Agent: Right now, we have a number of online instant rebates and special low prices that you'll receive if you order with us today.
You: liek what?
You: aside from the 100% rebate with 2 year agreement.
Agent: We are currently running a great online promotion that can save you an additional $25 for every device you purchase online today. We will also waive the $36 activation fee and the $12.95 shipping fee, per device, which will bring your total savings to $73.95 per device.
You: where is $73.95 coming from? i thought i already get a 100% rebate from the $200+ cost of the siera wireless. so that's $0 dollars i'm paying.
Agent: In addition to all that you can get an exclusive promo code.
Agent: Sure you are paying zero dollar, after getting all that discounts and savings.
You: so the $25 off doesn't really apply.
You: because theres nothing to take it off of anymore. the only other applicable savings is the free activationa nd free shipping.
You: if i order it in the store, i won't get free activation?
Agent: Free activation is only available while you order online.
Agent: Can we go on to process the order?
Agent: Are you there?
You: hm.
You: okay, let's process the order.
You: is that the device you would recommend?
You: for my needs?
You: our internet provider here in the building sucks.
You: so i need a wireless solution.
You: that gives me okay internets.
Agent: Sure I would recommend it for you.
Agent: It is among the best.
You: okay. i was just wondering if there is something similar. i want the most affordable one that's a usb thing.
You: i know this is going to cost me more, but what about the ovation.
You: is that a newer model? what's the difference?
Agent: Yes it is also a great.
Agent: It depends on you what suits you more.
You: so what is the difference between the 2?
Agent: You can always find a slight difference.
Agent: You can select between a 597E and 595.
You: what is the difference specifically?
Agent: Just give me moment i will check it out for you.
Agent: Are you there?
You: yes
Agent: Both has almost same features.
Agent: Just is the difference of colour.
Agent: Which do you feel will suit you most?
You: you're telling me that ovation costs $50 more because it has a different color?
You: that doesn't sound right.
You: i'm asking you what the difference is so i will know waht suits me better.
You: it's your product.
Agent: Our wireless data modem access devices currently work with three types of slots/ports: The PCMCIA Type II Card slot, Express Card slot, and USB port. Which of these slots/ports does your computer have?
You: USB
Agent: I will suggest you to go for 598
Agent: It is in much demand.
You: okay.
You: but why?
You: what makes it better than the ovation?
Agent: One moment please.
You: what makes it better tha Ovation?
Agent: Both have same features and only 598U by sierra wireless is free online.
Agent: Thank you for your patience.
Agent: Can we go on to process the order?
You: okay.
You: sure.
You: how do we go about this?
Agent: Just go to the home page and click the phone?
You: oh okay.
Agent: Our phone page lets you select the phone that best suits your needs. You can use the 'Narrow my List' option to see phones with specific features that interest you.
You: so will i still need your assistance?
Agent: I will assist you to the final check out page, please be with me and let me know which page you are currently on.
Agent: Please let me know when you're finished so I can help you complete your order and answer any questions that you might have on the next page.
You: oh okay :)
You: you really wanna make sure i buy this thing, huh :)
Agent: Go ahead to the accessories page has a to select a variety of accessories that are compatible with your needs.
Agent: May i know which page you are currently on?
Agent: Does everything look OK in your Shopping Cart?
You: i'm in the shopping cart.
Agent: If you would like to add additional products to this order you may click on the 'Continue Shopping' button at the bottom right.
You: but i got this error
You: The following errors were found while processing your requestThere are incomplete packages in your shopping cart. Please complete the packages before proceeding to Checkout.
You: but everything looks okay.
You: but there's a package #1 and a package #2
You: is that right?
Agent: If you're still having trouble completing the order, we can empty your cart and start again. I can send you back to the page to make things easier, and I'm happy to help you through the process.
Agent: Please click on the Trash icon under the 'Remove' tab and let me know when the cart is empty.
You: hold on, let me try this again.
You: i deleted the other one.
Agent: Please fill in your personal information, including your name, email address, street address, phone numbers, social security number and date of birth on this page.
Agent: When you are done filling out your information, press the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the page.
Agent: Is everything going fine?
You: yes.
Agent: The order is about to complete.
You: i'm afraid there might be a credit check thing, because i think my credit is currently under fraud watch with experian because of a fraud scare that happened to me a couple months ago.
You: i hope this doesn't cause problems.
Agent: Don't worry about that.
Agent: Due to the recurring monthly charges of your new Sprint service, your credit card information is required to validate your information and identity. If your device is free, your card will be authorized, but not charged, as part of the approval process.
You: Hm, under Payment it says ($25.37)
You: what is that for?
Agent: Is it the final amount that you have to pay?
You: yes
You: it says tax.
You: oh so i have to pay tax even if i got the rebat.
You: okay.
Agent: Yes you have to pay only the state government tax.
You: What about with Reference Phone Number. My phone number starts with area code 661. But I live in Santa Monica now.
You: do i just put in my 661 phone number? because it says here...
Agent: Just a moment please i will check it out for you.
You: "this nnumber will be used to establish your local calling area and determine the wireless phone number for the phone you are purchasing.
You: okay.
Agent: Let me get that information for you. Would you mind holding on while I do that?
You: surely!
Agent: The order is almost complete, just i have to confirm that.

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