There is such a satisfaction when the food I prepared for myself
tastes great. It's usually comprised of little snack sized servings of
everything I like or am in the mood to eat. I love that it's perfectly
the way I want it. A little bit of everything. Chorizo pamplona tastes
like heaven when I haven't eaten it in a while. Orange juice is always
present. And whatever fruits I have on hand are there as well.
Sometimes I wish I had more appetite so I didn't have to stop at my
pears, but go on with my strawberries, my peaches, and grapefruit. But
alas, there is only room in my tummy for one. Then of course there's
the Brie de meux from Bristol with Wasa whole grain crackers. I
seriously think that there is no better meal than the ones I prepare
for myself late at night in the privacy of my home.

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