Sometimes, the boyfriend says the funniest things.

ngayon talaga narerealize ko how much of food is a lie.

(on my perpetual 'sewing' status) "does your sewing machine have wifi?

i just don't wanna be blamed for the demise of your notebook empire.

medyo malungkot yung story ni kobe. i feel like he has a sad life. and for some reason, he reminds me of a dog.
na walang owner.

ayoko na guamwa na naman ng basecamp page and then magrrot na naman.

gusto ko nga dapat backpack eh. pero ang mahal wtf. it's like 7 bucks a month. how do you feel about that, as an american. isn't that expensive. on the other hand. that's like a happy meal.

me: so you were also playing basketball without your shirt on?
j: minsan. that's how we play sometimes skins vs shirts. it's part of basketball.
j: pero minsan nagiging tuck in vs tuck out

j:i'm also kind of on the fence about getting an ipod touch.
because i want to get a haircut for my passport.
and i want to show the haircut i want.
me: then just print it out!
j: wala akong printer eh.
agh. saka nakakaconscious to whip out a bond size picture.
wala and i just want an ipod you know.
you don't understand.
i've always had a personal sound device.

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