Rebranding America

Some interesting work on the theme of "rebranding america" from Papermag. Above is my favorite; it's the most subtle, meaningful, and historical. Learned something new, too. Below is an excerpt.

In 1794, Benjamin Franklin criticized the choice of the Bald Eagle as the national symbol of the United States, claiming it was a "bird of bad moral character". It was, he suggested, "too lazy to fish for himself", surviving by robbing smaller, more vulnerable birds. Today the debate remains as to whether the Bald Eagle is the appropriate symbol to represent a nation that stands for peace, democracy, and moral leadership. In 2009, this question is more burningly poignant than ever. In its place, imagine the US greenback emblazoned with a dove instead of an eagle. What a potent message this would send when passed around every corner of the world. And what could be a more fitting emblem for the Seal of the President of the United States than the ultimate symbol of peace? 

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