Happy Heart's Day (with peanut butter on top)

I just wanted to share something I shared with a friend a couple days ago.

I told her that it's a really exciting time for our generation / people our age, because we're starting to venture out and do our own things. It seems to me like it's the start of us taking over as the generation in charge of shaping the world. There's someone fulfilling a dream of getting her work published with Chronicle Books, another who finally quit one of his day jobs that paid the bills, but kept him from pursuing the volunteer work he's always wanted to do, another who's working her ass off on weekends to eventually do what she really wants to do full time one day (soon), another who is sticking to his guns being an independent developer, maneuvering the sometimes scary but mostly exciting and rewarding path of being his own boss, another who started his own company because he was tired of seeing his ideas go to waste, and another who is getting ready for her first fashion show, sewing like crazy, and deciding on all the big and small details that come with it.

Then there's me. Learning slowly but surely how to live the kind of life that I want for myself. I guess this isn't much of a couple-y vday message, but I think with everything I mentioned above, it's our hearts that we put on the line.

Happy heart's day!


  1. Happy heart's day! I like your perspective :)

  2. Anonymous5:18 PM

    This totally made my day. Completely resonated...
    Hope your v-day was wonderful. :)

  3. Jessica: That's because you're mentioned! :)