Rainy Days on Wednesdays

the sun after the rain

I woke up this morning to a rainy day. I then continued to have a discussion with the boyfriend about not understanding people who liked gloomy rainy days. People talk about wanting to snuggle and cuddle indoors with hot chocolate and whatnot, sit by the fire -- ok maybe that's taking it too far. For him, rainy days means no school, building pillow forts, making paper boats and watch it go downstream... For me, it means being too cold and wet out to do anything productive (except build pillow forts i guess...) Anyway, our conversation got cut short because the rain stopped, the sun started to peek through the dark clouds, and I had to rush to get my camera to capture the calm.


  1. rainy days are only good if you're not doing anything :) That way, you can enjoy a day when everyone feels as lazy as you do :)

  2. Also, on paper lanterns, one of my life dreams is to see thousands of these launched! :) I will help you make some, on the condition that we launch it too!