We Made Things

From t-shirt company, Wire & Twine's, About page:

Some time ago, we were all designers working in other spaces. During the day we worked for clients, but in our personal time, we made things. Some digital, others analog, but all of them gave us joy in the simple acting of creating. We gave these things to friends or family, or wove them into our homes.

Next to the things we made were the things we collected. Objects that held memories or inspired new thinking. Stuff that touched us or simply made us smile.

And in the midst of all this, we find ourselves meticulously documenting. Most of us take pictures every day, and the photos we love are of moments and people and things we adore.

Over time, we began to realize that this constant creating, collecting, and documenting folded into one another in a seamless way. Childhood toys sparked an idea for a new shirt design. Photographing a beloved item produced not only a ever-lasting memory, but an intriguing piece of art that sparked conversation. When we couldn't find something we needed, we created our own.

And so we hung out our virtual shingle.

We work in a shop on an old farm. In the summer, we occasionally hop on the tractor and bale hay. When you bale hay you can secure the bales one of two ways—with wire or twine. As we thought about those two techniques, we realized it was much like we work. Wire represented our digital work and twine the goods we create with our hands. Two paths to creating a meaningful end.

Regardless of the path we take in creating, it's always a labor of love. All of our products are designed and produced by hand, most within the four walls of our workshop. We like our staff to be small and our boundaries limitless. We pay fair wages, love a well-stocked kitchen, and are always spinning good tunes.

We don't know where we're going just yet, but we're excited by the journey. We aim to please so if you have any questions, feel free to drop a line, we'll do our best to set things right and appreciate the opportunity.

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